Racing Wheels: Bassett & Bart

Hoosier Tire North is a distributor for two of the best wheel brands in the business, Bassett Racing Wheels and Bart Wheels. 

bassett inertia

For over 30 years, Bassett Racing Wheel has focused on one thing. Building the fastest steel racing wheels money can buy. No other wheel company has the expertise and technological advantage of Bassett Racing Wheel. Our patented Inertia Advantage designs and complete in-house production capabilities will give you a competitive edge. Whether you race in Nextel Cup, Legends cars, pavement late models or on WISSOTA dirt tracks, Bassett Racing Wheel offers a wheel to get you to the checkered flag first...and Hoosier Tire North is your best connection to Bassett Wheels.



Bart Wheels are the "original" WISSOTA approved wheel. With a background of over 35 years in wheel manufacturing, Bart Wheels will satisfy your demand for quality, performance and affordability. Founded in 1965, Bart Wheels is the oldest and largest race wheel producer in the USA. From its 200,000 square foot facility in Chicago, IL, Bart Wheels is a prime producer of wheels for racing, industrial, agricultural and trailer applications. Each and every race wheel is dial indicator checked for radial and lateral runout, to ensure that each and every Bart Wheel meets the precise tolerance demands needed for racing, then they are cleaned in a five-stage process and, finally, coated with a high impact powder coating to make them both durable and beautiful. You can't go wrong with Bart Wheels, the "original" certified wheel of WISSOTA Auto Racing.

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